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We have learnt a great deal since we launched the project in 2017, and this collection of blogs and research articles contains our reflections on the digital education landscape and techniques we have developed. If you’d like to discuss how you can apply digital best practice to your educational program we’d love to chat.

Rapid adaptation in Covid times:

In the early months of 2020, like most projects around the world, PADILEIA had to adapt its courses, transitioning from a blended delivery to enable fully remote, online course delivery in response to national lockdowns and the related closure of universities in Lebanon and Jordan due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We were keen to understand the impact of these changes on our students’ experience and so commissioned a rapid evaluation study to capture learnings from this period. Lessons learned in this project would also be useful to inform our universities’ approach to teaching models during the pandemic and beyond. 

Key to the changes to course delivery by PADILEIA during this time was a shift from facilitated ‘blended’ learning in physical Study Hubs, where students had access to resources such as internet connections and laptops and had in-person support and teaching from facilitators or instructors, to remote facilitated learning which made use of online communication and teaching tools. All studying took place remotely, and students were provided with data cards and tablets where needed to facilitate this remote learning.  

Online Education beyond a crisis

Online Education beyond a crisis By Draego Zubiri | Project Manager at FutureLearn During the global COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions all over the world have sought to ensure the continuity of educational provision. For many organisations, this has meant exploring and experimenting with online education in some shape or form. For some, this has meant […]


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