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The PADILEIA program provides learning offers from 1 month short online courses to up to 24 months blended learning study programs for refugees as well as Jordanian & Lebanese students. Whether you want to boost your skills before starting your career, or you are on a track to university, we have options that could help you.

Short online courses
Kings College London
  • Study anywhere online or with facilitators in Bekaa region
  • 1 month rolling courses including English, digital skills, business & healthcare
  • Get a Certificate from King’s College London and FutureLearn
Foundation Program
Al al-Bayt University
American University of Beirut
  • Locations in Mafraq and Bekaa region (50 places each/ year)
  • General Foundation Courses delivered by instructors
  • 8 months duration
  • Get a Foundation Certificate from AUB or AABU
Study Program
  • Enrol online with support available in Mafraq & Bekaa
  • Short courses can be stacked to receive credits equivalent to up to a year of Higher Education
  • Courses matched by partnering universities

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options?
Short courses

Our range of short courses are four weeks long and can be studied by yourself, online – anywhere, and at any-time at your own pace, or with a facilitator at our study hubs. You will receive a free certificate upon completion of each course.

These courses were developed by King’s College London and are hosted on FutureLearn. Subjects include English language support, digital skills, Business and Healthcare, with free certificates upon completion.

Study tracks

The Kiron study tracks offer you three free majors in Jordan and Lebanon: Business & Economics, and Computer Science, as well as English Language and general preparation courses. After you complete a certain number of courses, you will get a certificate, and you may qualify for our transfer guidance program to one of our partner universities for a Bachelor’s degree. During your time at Kiron, you will get online and offline face-to-face support to help you succeed and connect with an international community of fellow students.

Foundation programme – Jordan

Hosted by Al Al-Bayt University with support from King’s College London, this eight-month programme offers a free blended (online and face-to-face) certificate program . It consists of one semester prepratory courses (English language, math and basic transferable skills) and one semester university-level computing courses (e.g. JavaScript and PHP). It prepares students for either studying at a university or entry in the IT industry.

Foundation Programme – Lebanon

Hosted by American Unversity of Beruit with support from King’s College London, this programme offers a free blended college readiness program for entry into higher education . The eight-month program provides two semesters of foundational skills in English and Humanities, Math, Science, Information Technology specialty and soft skills training.

Is it for me?
Short courses
  • Courses are designed for Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon, but any other interested people are welcome.
  • You must have the required English level to understand the courses. Each course requires a different level of English and this is explained on the requirement section at the start of the course.
Study tracks

You must:

  • Be a refugee living in Jordan or Lebanon
  • Be a Jordanian or Lebanese citizen living in Jordan or Lebanon
  • Have a good English level to understand the courses
  • Have access to a computer internet and a study space
Foundation Programmes

You must:

  • Be a refugee living in Jordan or Lebanon
  • Be a Jordanian or Lebanese citizen living in Jordan or Lebanon
  • Have a good English level to understand the courses
What kind of support will I get?
Short courses

Online support

  • Support with difficulties from FutureLearn and King’s College London
  • Discussion board with support from your fellow learners
  • English language mentoring, connecting you with native speakers based in the UK
  • Arabic transcripts

Face-to-face support

  • Facilitator to support with digital or language barriers
  • Additional activities to guide your learning
Study tracks

Face-to-face support:

  • welcome events
  • office hours
  • student gatherings
  • place to study in your community (limited spots)
  • scholarship and transfer guidance

Online support

  • academic orientation
  • language support
  • strong preparation program of general studies
  • digital skill building
  • course tutorials
  • psychosocial support
Foundation Programme

Face-to-face support:

  • academic guidance
  • psychosocial support
  • scholarship and transfer guidance
Where can I study?
Short Courses

You can study anywhere from any device (computer, smartphone) with a stable internet connection.

We also run our courses with a facilitator. Details of these course runs will be shared on our news page and our Facebook page. Please do get in touch if you are interested.

Study Hub

You can study anywhere with a stable internet connection and a computer or mobile phone (home, café, place to study via Kiron).

Some of these courses are run at our study hubs or with partners. Details of these will be shared on the Kiron platform and our Facebook page.

Foundation Programmes

In Jordan, you can study at Al al-Bayt University in Mafraq. In Lebanon, you can study within our GHATA study hubs located in Bar Elias, Bekaa region of Lebanon, managed by the American University of Beirut (AUB).

Do I get a certificate for studying?
Short courses

You will receive a free PDF and digital certificate if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Study hub

You will get certificates for completing courses and levels with Kiron.

Foundation programmes

You will get a certificate after completion of the program.

Can I get a scholarship?

We do not provide scholarships.

However we will support you to find and apply to scholarships. This includes: opportunities shared to our students via our Facebook page and Kiron Platform.

We will also support you in preparing for scholarship applications through:

  • Transfer guidance provided by Kiron
  • University access mentoring organised by King’s College London. Mentors are based in the UK and provide support through an eight week programme for general support or two-week programme where a specific application has been identified.
  • A series of workshops provided to our Foundation Programme students including workshops organised by scholarship providers.
Is there a specific time to finish the courses?
Short courses

Once you enrol on the King’s College London course on FutureLearn you’ll have continued access to the material.

Facilitated course runs take place at specific times of the year. Follow our Facebook page to stay up-to-date and be notified of the next course runs.

Study tracks

No, for most of the courses there is no specific start date for you to begin a course but in order to earn certificates you must complete courses once you begin them within the required time. We highly recommend you to study regularly and depending on how many credits you wish to earn in our program will require a commitment of 6 months to 2 years.

Foundation Programmes

Yes, courses start in October and finish in the middle of June with a break of two weeks in the begining of February.

What do I get from this program?
Short course

You will increase knowledge in chosen study areas and digital literacy skills.

Study Tracks

You will gain high-level subject-specific knowledge and transferrable skills that you can use at any university or in your professional career.

Foundation Programme – Jordan

You will be well prepared to be more qualified for a number of opportunities:

  • for university admission
  • to start your own business
  • to seek employment in IT-related fields
Foundation Programme – Lebanon

You will be prepared to be more qualified for university admission.

What can I do after this program?
short courses

You can use your skills for further study or in the job market.

study tracks

You have different opportunities:

  • apply to one of our partner universities (undergraduate level) with our guidance
  • apply to other universities internationally with our guidance
  • earn a valuable certificate from a German-based NGO which you can use to apply for a job or build a business of your own.
Foundation Programmes

You can use your skills for further study at a university or in the job market.