Successful instructor training event

At AABU, Google Classroom has been used within the certificate program courses to streamline the process of file, content and assignment sharing between instructors, King’s Online and students. The classroom connects students to curated digital resources. This basic learner management system (LMS) can be used for delivering blended teaching by making resources available to students before or after a class. A simple tool such as Google Classroom can open new modes of self-driven and facilitated learning. 

Mohamed Almaany of AABU, who is part of the PADILEIA management team, organized a training workshop on Google Classroom as a learning management system to the certificate program instructors at AABU. The workshop was held on 18th October 2020, and the topics covered included: how to create a Google Classroom; how to join a classroom; how to add topics to classroom; how to add assignments; how to issue questions and announcements to students, how to connect to Google forms and communicate with class students. The training was very valuable, and all the trainees enjoyed it, and appreciated attending this training workshop.

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