Year 4 of AABU certificate program begins

The fourth year of the Certificate Program began on October 4, 2020. Sixty (60) students have enrolled in the Program.

Delivered at AABU, instructors teach the students English Language, Basic Mathematics, Fundamentals of IT, and Web Design and Development in Term One. The teaching is delivered through blended learning, with the classroom based teaching being complemented by online resources and tools. In fact, 30% of each course is delivered through GoogleClassrooms.

The second semester will start in February, and includes Professional Skills and Ethics, Database Management Systems, Computer Systems and Networks, and PHP Programming.

All of our teaching is supplemented with robust student support including academic guidance, key skills workshops and psycho-social support.

Due to COVID-19, the Jordanian government has decided that teaching will be online for undergraduate courses, except labs and hands-on activities. Therefore, we decided to teach English Language Skills and Basic Mathematics online. The Fundamentals of IT and Web Design and Development are taught 50% on-campus and 50% online. For these courses, we have two groups and two study hubs, there are 30 students per group, and because half of each group attend in-person, at most 15 students are present in each of the study hubs at the same time. This provides enough physical distance between individuals. This method of delivery is subject to change according to status of the COVID-19 pandemic and Jordanian regulations.

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